Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Galericulate Get a Head Awards 2013

Unlike most 'Best of' lists, the Galericulate Awards has no predetermined categories. This means I can make up all sorts of stuff and be as parochial, corrupt and biased as I want. However, in an attempt to revive my fading credibility, I have in fact selected some mighty fine pieces of writing for your delectation and delight. If you don't like at least some of my award winners you are either brain dead or the sort of weirdo who would top himself for a bet.

So without more ado, meet the 2013 red carpet treaders. Oh, and have a great fecking Christmas, OK?

Poetry Collection Most Likely To Reduce You To Tears: 'Where Lightning Strikes' by Alexandria Constantinova Szeman

The Grande Dame of Indie writing's erudite and moving collection of Holocaust poems shines like a beacon of truth in a dark world.

Best First Book In A Series Containing Half A Ghost : 'American Midnight' by B.R. Snow

Bernie Snow's 'Damaged Posse' series gets off to a cracking start with this novel containing a cast of zany, offbeat characters and a twisting storyline.

Most Brutally Honest Memoir: 'The Cracked Mirror' by Billy Ray Chitwood

The boy from Tennessee gives us a fascinating and brave insight into a life of wanderlust.

Best Novel With Germans In It: 'The Black Eagle Inn' by Christoph Fischer

This fascinating family saga is set against the backdrop of twentieth century Bavaria.

Literary Erotica Collection Guaranteed To Raise Your Body Temperature So You Can Switch Off The Central Heating: 'Spring Into Summer' by Eden Baylee

Longing, loss, desire and great storylines - it's all here.

Most Satisfying Pages With Bad Guys Getting Blown Away: 'Savage Payback' by Seumas Gallacher

Guns, girls, heists, explosions and a satisfyingly large body count. What more do you want to stave off the winter ennui?

Most Lip-Smacking Short Story Collection Based On A Pack of Cards: 'Allegories of the Tarot', edited by Annetta Ribken

Most collections from different authors have at least one turkey (whether or not it's Christmas), but not this collection! Great stuff!

Dustiest Dystopian Novel Accompanied By A Clutch Of Shorties But Goodies: 'The Loved, the Lost, the Dreaming' by Michelle Browne

George Orwell meets Edgar Allan Poe meets .. oh, just read it, OK?

Oh, and if you're fed up with books, here's a picture of my dog. He's just chewed up most of the Christmas presents. Still think he's cute?