Sunday, May 5, 2013

Desert Errata

(Conceived in the sands of the Middle East, with apologies to Max Ehrmann)

Meander your way through the world and make mistakes. Hurry less along the paths you know and tread slowly some unknown ones. Look around you and above you often. Learn from the sky, for even when heavy with threatening clouds it still has beauty. Recognise that you never truly own anything and therefore hold lightly to your possessions: they are not really yours. Let go. Fall in love more than once and relive that feeling every single day. Lash yourself tightly to the mast of positive belief, for in life’s storms this will be all that prevents your being washed overboard. Hear what people say not what you think they say, and be ready to give even the lowest person the benefit of any doubt. You will learn more things of value from fools than from wise men anyway. Do not dwell on the disappointments of the past or concern yourself unduly with the uncertainties of the future, for all is flux and things of darkness melt away in their time. Know that guilt is a futile emotion; and therefore put right any wrongs you have done as best you can and continue on your way. Above all be kind and practise compassion as if our very existence depended on it. For it surely does.


  1. John,
    Max Ehrmann would surely not accept your apology if he were alive.



  2. Thank you, Eden. I see you are already practising kindness and compassion. John

  3. Outstanding! You are a 'super power' in this world of words.
    Oh, woe, how many of these splendid sentiments I do disservice! How it makes my day to be reminded that this is the beauty of living for which all our moments should be contrived!
    Love ya, man!

  4. I Love it John this is why God gave us two ears one for extra listening. Oh do write another soon! I do not know why but this piece It brings to mind of a poem I read awhile ago "Comes the dawn" Perhaps it's the sunset on the sands that have my curiosity peaked? What do they look like? A desert sunset what that must be like to behold? I wonder about many things, like the irony that as I write to you about sunsets at this very moment the sun is just about to rise which brings me once again to that lesson you do not have to own it to appreciate it. Digby sends no regards, and said, "Please is that the best he can do?" Boy do I have my work cut out for me, "Monster Attitude can't live with it & can't live without it". I am going to run now to watch the sunrise, my very Best regards ALWAYS ~Kerriann

  5. Hi Kerriann, in answer to your question desert sunsets can be very magical: at such times it feels like the world is holding its breath. Please hit Digby around the ears for me, but not too hard in case they come off again.

  6. You do Max Ehrmann great honor. This is beautiful.

  7. Thank you Annetta, your comment is most kind.

  8. Yes, your very existence does depend on such things.
    The world is a circle for a reason.
    Such a poet, you are.

    1. There is no try, only do. Thanks, A.